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Range Rover P38 EAS Air Suspension Reset OBD II 2 to Serial Wire Cable * Free Shipping

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Range Rover P38 EAS Air Suspension Reset OBD II 2 to Serial Wire Cable

* Free shipping


Manufacture Part No. : PCSF-RR-P38A-EAS-SN1

Plug and play, but Require a Laptop with Serial Port

Are you having Trouble with your EAS?

EAS Light Stuck or Hear Beep Sound?

This cable can help to Reset the EAS ECU

Do you know you can now read and reset the fault codes stored in your P38 air suspension ECU using a laptop computer?   These fault codes tell you why your air suspension has stopped working.  Very often, it is just one of your hight sensors went out of range, or might be some components inside the EAS is/are faulty.  This is very common problem when attaching a trailer or caravan, it can also happen when you are traveling along bumpy surfaces.  In either case you simple clear the fault code from memory and the suspension would be up and running again .

All you need is this special EAS diagnostic lead to connect your laptop serial port to your P38 16 pin OBD 2 socket, which is locate under the footwell o the passenger seat.  In additional you need a copy of the "EAS unlock" software which we supply on CD with the diagnose lead.




60 Days Warranty

(Buyer are responsible for the return shipping cost)


Product Features

We will include the EAS Unlock Software on a CD-ROM

Suitable for Range Rover P38 4.0 and 4.6 From 1995 to 2002 with EAS

Length of cable: 6 Feet

I own a classic LSE, P38, Disco2 and L322.  I have experience on fixing problems of these models .

If you want recommandation or share experience, please contact me.


We accept PayPal and bank telegraph transfer

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Reset Your P38 Air Suspension

Package Contains the Following Items

1.  Serial to OBD II Cable to Connect the PC to the Range Rover

2.  Installation Instructions and Comment Card


Free shipping worldwide by Hong Kong Post Registered Mail Service with tracking no.

Please remember to leave us your contact phone no. for shipment and customer registration



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