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Item Return & RMA Process

Item Return And RMA Process

Item return

Customer are allow to return a defective product or repair or exchange .

The warranty period for the products selling in states in the product listing page.

If something goes wrong, customer can email us at to obtain a RMA form and a RMA no. to return the product

or replacement or repair .  Buyer need to pay for the shipping cost to ship back the item to us but we will manage to ship the replacement

without charge.

However,  if the product is return after the warranty period, we will estimate the repair cost and send a price quotation to customer so that

they can consider repair or not.

If customer decided not to repair and want to have their return item(s) back, then there will be a return shipping and handling cost.

Minimum is US$ 10 and maximum is US$ 50.


Last update : 20 March 2014 by IL