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Warranty Terms & Conditions

Warranty Terms And Conditions



Components including, but not limited to , RAM and CPU chips, are covered under a one-month warranty. Said components returned for repair shall be

shipped to manufacturer for testing. Customer shall wait and abide as a results of manufacture report. Consumable parts are not covered by this one-month warranty .


Accessories including, but not limited to , battery, keyboard, touchpad and cables are not refundable, returnable, replaceable or exchangeable should the exterior container seal be broken or opened.


Item mark as "new" will be entitle to a 25% restocking fee upon return .

Each product will have different warranty conditions.  Please refer to the product listing page for the warranty period.


NOTE : PCSuperFreak will not honor the warranty if the warranty label was broken, the return item was damaged or return item did not belongs to



Last update 20 Mar 2014 by IL